The Problem
Hello and welcome to 2WaySearch – a people search website. I am Jose Walter. In life stuff happens. There are family and friends I have lost touch with over the years. I have Googled, searched on social media, and have even paid “free” people finders for 1 way searches without success.
The Solution
I am an inventor with a few US patents in the dental industry. So, I did a little creative thinking and came up with a simple, effective way to search for lost family and friends. I call it  2WaySearch – The Non-Intrusive People Finder.



We are different from other people finders in 7 ways.
We do a two way search which is more effective than a one way search.
We get around any name changes that have occurred over the years such as through marriage, or divorce.
Our patent pending, automated system will search in real time for matches.
We do not search your personal data.
We collect limited data from you. Just names and emails.
We do not sell your limited data.
We are a people finder and a mutual consent database, where people may come to voluntarily search to find one another.


Phase 2
Phase 2 is planned and coming soon. We are going to make it much easier and faster to do a people search!


New Author
I am always working on one project or another. I recently wrote an eBook about moms. My eBook is an easy way to reconnect with mom. I know this is a People Finder web site…but I thought to share it here just to make things a little more interesting. So, if you happen to like reading and would like to reconnect with mom…Read More Here.

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