Find lost family and friends...that may also be searching for you.

Reconnect with lost family & friends easily. – A People Finder is all about reuniting lost family and friends. We are a people finder and a mutual consent database, where people may come to voluntarily search to find one another. Find only people that want to be found and allow only specific people to find you. When there is a match, our patent pending, automated system will let you know right away!
Our proprietary method and system allow us to find people with only a first and last name, and it includes a way to get around any name changes that may have taken place over the years such as through marriage, divorce, or adoptions.
No fine print hidden fees. Delete any given search or your entire account easily at anytime at the click of a button.

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A people finder for reconnecting with:

Long lost family
Old friends
High school friends
Loved ones separated by conflict or disaster
Former co-workers
Military buddies
Adoptions, birth parents and adoptive parents
Homeless family and friends