I help people find lost family & friends that may also be searching for them.

Are You Asking Yourself Any of These Questions?

How can I find people that are also searching for me?
How can I find lost family and friends that I can’t find on Google?
How can I find lost family and friends that I can’t find on social media?
How can I find lost family and friends that I can’t find on traditional people finders?
Do you wish you could stop spending so much time and money on searching?

You’ve come to the right place!

I’m here to help you find your lost family and friends with our patent pending two-way search system.


Welcome to 2WaySearch – a people search website. We are here to help you with those hard to find people searches. Aside from names and emails we won’t ask for your personal data. We even use Paypal for payments so that you don’t have to store your credit card information here.
I am Jose Walter. I created this site for people that can not find their lost family and friends through traditional people finders or social media web sites. I too am searching for someone…I can understand some of what you are going through.



From problem to solution.


We are different from other people finders.

We do a two way search which is more effective than a one way search.
We get around any name changes that have occurred over the years such as through marriage, or divorce.
We do not search your public personal data.
We do not search your personal social media web sites.
We collect limited data from you. Just names and emails.
We do not sell your limited data.
We are a people finder and a mutual consent database, where people may come to voluntarily search to find one another.


Phase 2

To make 2WaySearch even better we have planned Phase 2 and it is coming soon.
We are going to make it much easier and faster to do a people search!